Dear 123Short.Net User,

At now, 123Short.Net is now fully supported for Xenforo with 123Short.Net - URL Shortener Earning Money Addon for Xenforo version 1.0.1

123Short.Net - Url Shortener and monetization for Xenforo version 1.0.1 will support:

  • Create a download page such as a svit or vnxf that supports double-side ads
  • Automatically excludes the image from the shortened link, which only works with the download file
  • Configure the API integration of the system to reduce the monetization link
  • The Regex option to categorize the internal path needs to be reduced (if it's a xenforo attachment, the path /attachments/ will be shortened).
  • Supports configuration of domain exclusions from the shortened link system And more ...

Guide :

  • Upload script to /library/
  • Import addon-Short123.xml file
  • Configure and use


Updated version 1.0.1 here :


Good luck !

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